Mini Rodini - AW16 - Young and free in Alaska

Scandinavian children's fashion brands really come into their own with their winter collections, which is no great surprise really when you consider their climates! Mini Rodini's AW16 range is a perfect example: wool base layer tops, super cosy weather proof coats, fun hats, sweatshirt dresses and snugly fleece jackets all feature this season and they are making us almost glad that summer is finally over. The collection is full of brilliant clothes to snuggle up and practice the very Scandinavian art of Hygge - (aka getting all wintery and cosy together with our friends, preferably by candlelight with pastries and a warm drink), or to get out and enjoy the daylight as the days get colder and shorter.

Mini Rodini - Stylish, practical and sustainable Scandinavian kids clothes...

Mini Rodini Blue Totem Puffa Jacket - Yellow Lolly

Above: Mini Rodini Blue Totem Puffa Jacket. Below: Mini Rodini Pink Roe Deer Long Sleeve Dress

Mini Rodini Pink Roe Deer Long Sleeve Dress - Yellow Lolly

Entitled 'Young and Free in Alaska', the collection has the perfect balance of super practical (proper technical warm coats, long sleeved wool tops, cosy hats), playful (cute prints, fluffy jackets, hearts and pandas) and sustainable (recycled polyester, organic cotton, low impact production). Whether you are indulging in a spot of Hygge or getting outside for a play, Mini Rodini has something for every child: a baby in a cosy rabbit print onesie, a toddler in a bambi print dress and leggings or a kid in badger sweat pants and a Black Siberia Totem Jacket. Its all good.

Mini Rodini Blue Winking Bear Sweatshirt - Yellow Lolly

Above: Mini Rodini Blue Winking Bear Sweatshirt. Below: Mini Rodini Pale Coral Shaggy Baseball Jacket and Mini Rodini Cream Totem Dress.

Mini Rodini Pale Coral Shaggy Baseball Jacket from Yellow Lolly

We've had a little play around and put together 3 great outfits for babies and kids, mixing and matching the fab prints and showing how great they'll look layered up in colder weather. 

1. Mix and match Mini Rodini for a baby...

Keeping your baby warm enough when you are out and about without totally overheating them when you get indoors can be a tricky balancing act in the autumn. This unisex little outfit plays with complimentary prints, while the layers help with temperature regulation. For indoors, a Bambi-inspired long sleeved body and some super fun badger face leggings will look really look fun together. If you're heading out it the pushchair then add this delicious rabbit print all-in-one. The suit can be unzipped down the front if baby gets too warm, without having to take the whole suit off, or struggling to wrestle a jumper over their head while they are strapped in. Even colder? Pop this fun hat on, too. Cosy...but also ridiculously cute!

Mini Rodini Baby Outfit from Yellow LollyAbove: Mini Rodini Light Blue Rabbit Onesie RomperBrown Roe Deer Baby BodyPink Roe Deer Leggings and Blue Pom Pom Ears Knitted Hat.

2. A pretty, cosy Mini Rodini outfit...

What is it about kids who refuse to wear coats, even when it's freezing outside? This fluffy little bomber jacket should convert even the most hardened coat refusenik, though, with it's peachy coral colour and delicious soft fleece exterior. OK, so it's not waterproof, and it won't keep out a gale or snowstorm, but hey, it's a start! I love the combination of the pale blue of the dress with the coral jacket here, and hopefully the contrasting leggings should keep legs warm without compromising on the style stakes either...

Mini Rodini Girl Outfit from Yellow Lolly

Above: Mini Rodini M Black and Blue DressPale Coral Shaggy Baseball JacketPink Roe Deer LeggingsMini Rodini Black Pom Pom Ears Knitted Hat.

3. A fun unisex Mini Rodini outfit for nursery or school...

When kids start at nursery or preschool even simple things like finding your coat on the pegs at break-time can feel super tricky. However the vivid blue of this fabulous Siberia Coat should make that problem a little easier. Not only is it blue and covered with handsome penguins, it is also fabulously warm, waterproof, windproof and generally all-round awesome! This is a proper, technical winter coat which will last and last, will be perfect for both girls and boys, and will be brilliant for passing on to a brother or sister when it's been finally grown out of. I think the colour will look stunning with the orange backpack (essential kit for lunch, snacks, spare clothes and treasure) and the deer print t-shirt (that pattern will hide all manner of dirt and muck!). Now they just need to learn to put the right shoe on the right foot after PE...

A colourful Mini Rodini kids outfit for school or nursery from Yellow Lolly

Above: Mini Rodini Blue Siberia Totem JacketBrown Roe Deer T ShirtBrown Ribbed Stripe BeanieOrange Panda Backpack.

Check out the rest of our edit from Mini Rodini. We'd love to know which are your favourite pieces this season.

Ellie x

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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