Wolf & Rita - SS16 - Bonjour Jeunesse

As wintry January weather tightens its grip on the northern hemisphere we bring you hope of the coming Spring and Summer, as the SS16 collections start to arrive in the Lolly Loft. Each new delivery has us sighing and dreaming of warmer days, but we got particularly excited about Wolf & Rita when it arrived, because the sort of Summer they promise us is so ridiculously chic.

Wolf & Rita - Bonjour Jeunesse

Wolf & Rita - Bonjour Jeunesse - SS16 collection from Yellow Lolly

Wolf & Rita Vitoria Polka and Birds Blouse and Wolf & Rita Mario Striped Cotton Shirt

"For our new 16 Spring/Summer Collection, the team behind Wolf&Rita pays a tribute to the french Nouvelle Vague and the swinging sixties. For this collection we were inspired by the works of directors like François Truffut, Jean-Luc Godard, Jacques Rivette, but also the great american photographer and director William Klein. Iconic movies like “À bout de Souffl, “Jules et Jim” and the radical “Who are you, Polly Maggoo?” are the inspiration behind the selection of patterns and solid bold colors on our new collection. This is our own little homage to this thrilling period of European film history and to an amazing group of influential artists. French New Wave rocks!"

Wolf & Rita Blue Amalia Dress and Bonjour Hat from Yellow Lolly

Wolf & Rita Bonjour Stripe Hat and Wolf & Rita Blue Amaila Dress

Wolf & Rita - Style and Quality

All of Wolf & Rita's collections are made in their family-run factory in Portugal and combine beautiful quality fabrics, immaculate tailoring and quirky styling. By taking classic garments, such as shirts and dresses, and giving them a contemporary twist via unusual colour combinations and dramatic volume, they have created a whole new style of playful, modern children's clothing. We love it, and so do many of our customers.

Wolf and Rita Martim Black Stripe Playsuit from Yellow Lolly

Wolf & Rita Martim Stripe Playsuit

Wolf & Rita Guadalupe Birds Summer Dress form Yellow Lolly

Wolf & Rita Guadalupe Birds Summer Dress

Wolf & Rita Alvaro Stroke Summer Pants from Yellow Lolly

Wolf & Rita Alvaro Strokes Summer Pants

Join us in dreaming of a Wolf & Rita Summer by checking out our edit here.

Ellie x

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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