Bobo Choses - Der Blaue Reiter - SS16 Arriving Soon!

Bobo Choses new collection for Spring Summer 2016 is about to launch. We've been excited about this collection since we first saw it last summer and we are so happy to finally be allowed to show you a couple of sneak peaks.....

Bobo Choses Der Blaue Reiter Collection for SS16, from Yellow Lolly

The new collection is called Der Blaue Reiter (meaning The Blue Rider, in German), named after the German expressionist art movement which was founded by Kandinsky, and is full of brilliant colour, wide brush strokes and a great sense of creative exploration. Its a fabulous collection that simply bursts with brush marks, artists portraits, paint palettes, artworks and playful references. The results of this playful approach are very child-friendly: the silhouettes are simple, the garments easy to wear and the mood is one of fun rather than serious study. Bobo Choses have, once again, created a collection of children's clothes that are fun to wear, stylish and very, very desirable.

Bobo Choses SS16 Collection from Yellow Lolly

"Der Blaue Reiter celebrates colour as a spiritual gift through an intuitive, spontaneous approach to painting. Prints pay tribute to artists like Matisse, Picasso, Pollock and Hockney. Fauvist pears, big bold still-life fruits and embroidered artists’ portraits along with more abstract designs like colourful fluid motifs and bohemian painted stripes. Embroideries add richness and variety to our usual screen-prints."

Bobo Choses Der Blaue Reiter collection SS16 from Yellow Lolly

"SS16 colour palette is a fresh one, running from apricot to cream yellow. As always, Bobo’s garments come in comfortable and relaxed shapes.
SS16 Der Blaue Reiter...
Colour your world and have fun!"

Bobo Choses SS16 collection Der Blaue Reiter, from Yellow Lolly 

So grab your brushes, your canvas, your crayons and your paints, its time to get creative with Bobo Choses. Der Blaue Reiter will launch here on Tuesday 19th January at  10am GMT (11 am CET). Are you ready?

Ellie x 

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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