Popupshop - AW15 - Stylish and Sustainable Kids' Fashion

When you hear the words Sustainable Fashion, does it summon images of earnestly shapeless, tofu coloured outfits with no sense of joyfulness? Then it's time to think again! Popupshop's kids clothes are so very far from that idea, it's hard to believe these are some of the most eco-friendly children's clothes available. Made from organically grown cotton, dyed using environmentally friendly dyes and printed with eco-friendly inks, these are also clothes that last and wash really well. Our own kids have striped t-shirts, animal print sweatshirts, pyjamas and onesie suits which have endured multiple washes, spills, and endless wearing as favourites in their wardrobes, and yet still the prints look brilliantly unchanged, the cotton just as fresh as on the first wear.
Popupshop monochrome kids t-shirts and sweatshirts from Yellow Lolly
Above, top row: Popupshop Aeroplane Loose Sweatshirt, Maritime Long Sleeved T-Shirt. Bottom row: Nature Long Sleeved T-Shirt and Panda Loose Sweat. Below: Popupshop Lion Hoody Suit.
Popupshop Kid's Lion Onesie Suit from Yellow Lolly
Not only are Popupshop's kids' clothes manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner, they are very unisex. As the clothes work equally well for girls and boys they are a super eco-friendly choice as they can be passed from sibling to sibling, brother to sister, and on to friends, irrespective of gender. Even if a lot of the clothes we sell are perfect for boys OR girls, very few of our brands photograph the same outfit twice, as Popupshop have done here, to show just how versatile the clothes are.
Popupshop unisex non-gendered children's fashion from Yellow Lolly
Above: Popupshop Loose Aeroplane Sweatshirt and Iceland Print Baggy Leggings.

Why not check out our full collection of Popupshop sustainable kids' fashion, and help save the environment, one fab sweatshirt at a time!
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Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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