Kids' Coats - Keeping Warm, Looking Cool

As the winter weather starts to settle in here in the UK, our thoughts turn to outerwear for our kids. With the daylight hours getting shorter, and the fine days becoming rarer, getting outdoors whenever possible becomes more and more important. A good warm coat, plus a hat and scarf, should keep you playing outside for longer, topping up vitamin E levels and burning off some energy. We've put together some cool combinations of hats coats and scarves for your children, perfect for all sorts of occasions. 

For A Cosy Baby...

When getting out and about with a baby, keeping warm in and out of the pushchair is vital. A cosy quilted suit worn over warm clothes is great for layering, add a hat (the chin strap should help keep it in place!) and a blanket for added cosiness. Neon, black and cream keeps it stylish. Just add ears.

Noe and Zoe Orange Dots Quilted Suit, Tint Cottons Blanket and Beau Loves Baby Hat From Yellow Lolly

Noé & Zoë Neon Orange Drops Quilted Teddy Jumpsuit, Beau Loves Black Mouse Ears Baby Hat, Tinycottons Black & Cream Triangle Baby Blanket.

For A Cool Cat, or Kid...

Beau Loves jackets are a great choice for the coolest kids in town. This little bomber jacket is a classic, in padded satin with graphic motifs in white. Better for autumn than full blown winter, you can add a warm knitted hat and cosy scarf to prolong play.

Beau Loves Black Bomber Jacket, Knitted Cat Beanie and Jacquard Scarf from Yellow Lolly

Beau Loves Black Bomber Jacket, Black Knitted Cat Beanie, Jacquard Black & Grey Striped Mask Scarf.

For A Woodland Creature....

With it's russet red colour, soft faux-fur trim and simple tree print, we think this waterproof Bobo Choses coat needs a trip to explore the forest. Top it off with a snug knitted hat in warm caramel, and fill your pockets with pine cones and leaves for a bit of crafting later. 

Bobo Choses Woods Anorak and Nadadelazos Hand Knitted Hat from Yellow Lolly

Bobo Choses Russet Waterproof Woods Anorak and Nadadelazos Hand Print Knitted Hat.

For a Colour Loving Child....

This electric blue wool mix coat is a bit of a stunner. Perfect for layering over a dress for a special occasion, or just wearing over jeans to brighten a grey day. Top it off with a contrast bright yellow Indikidual hand-knitted hat and elegant hand-knitted scarf for a stylish but warm outfit that is sure to make you smile.

Milk and Biscuits Blue A-Line Child's Coat, Knitted Scarf and Yellow Borris Hat by Indikidual, from Yellow Lolly

Milk & Biscuits Blue A-Line Coat, Grey and Mint Knitted Scarf, Indikidual Yellow Boris Hand Knitted Hat.

For Outdoor Explorers....

Finally, when the temperature really drops and the rain sets in, these two coats are here to keep your kids super warm, dry and happy. From Popupshop, the Tapenade Anorak and Arctic Explorer Feather Explorer Coat are both water repellent, wind proof and breathable, made from a cotton polyester mix with a double PU coating on the inside to protect against extreme weather. The natural plant fibre padding should keep them warm and wick away moisture while the cuffs, poppered flaps and hoods should keep out drafts and drips. Add a hat for extra heat retention, and to protect little ears.

Popupshop Tapenade Anorak Feathers Arctic Explorer Coat Tiny Cottons Hat Yellow Lolly

Popupshop Tapenade Anorak, Popupshop Arctic Explorer Feather Winter Coat, Tinycottons Striped Knitted Wool Mix Beanie.

Its time to grab your coat, scarf, and hat, and get outside!

Ellie x 

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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