Sonny Angel - Cute Collectible Toys from Japan

We are so happy to have Sonny Angels back in stock at Yellow Lolly. The only problem? We have to sit on our hands to stop ourselves opening them all! The angels are sold 'blind', which means you won't know which of the 12 characters you have from the series until you open the box. Eeek! Add to that the possibility that you will get one of the rare limited edition ones from the series and you can see why people get a little bit obsessed.

These super cute Japanese collectibles are made from hard durable plastic and make great party favours, stocking fillers, bribes (yup, we all do it) and treats. Sonny Angels are perfectly small-hand sized and if your kids are anything like mine, they will enjoy laughing at their bare bottoms too!

New for this autumn, and selling fast, is the Halloween Series, full of dressed up little dudes, perfect for party bags or non-sweet Halloween gifts.

Sonny Angel - Halloween Series from Yellow Lolly

Halloween Series Sonny Angels

We also have the Sonny Angels Animals and Flowers series in stock, which are full of fun little naked angels in themed headgear. They are very silly and cute and look great on a bookshelf, window ledge or dolls house. Or just mucking about in the garden with some pumpkins, obviously.

 Check out our Sonny Angels collection here

Peekaboo, its Tiger Sonny Angel from Animals Series 1!

Happy Halloween, from Tiger and Lop Eared Rabbit Sonny Angels, from Animals Series 3

Start your Sonny Angel collection today, but you have been warned, they are pretty addictive!

Please note, Sonny Angels are not recommended for under 3s. The heads are detachable so please don't let your kids chew on them!

Ellie x 

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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