Beau Loves - AW15/16 - The Noir

We are loving the new collection from Beau Loves for AW15/16. Inspired, as ever, by designer Faye Wilde's son Beau, this season is all about his (secret) fear of The Dark...
With a moody tone, plenty of their trademark superhero masks in large and mini sizes, XO details on sleeves and knees, and a new Bandit Loveheart print, not to mention monochrome kids bedding, there should be plenty to get excited about.
Above: Grey XO Loves Sweatshirt. Below: Dusty Pink Bandit Oversized Dress.
My boy Beau is getting older so the themes of each collection grows older, which I Love.
He's still as fearless as ever...But not so Brave when it comes the Dark.
Even though he would Never admit this.
It's the torch under his pillow and the gold spots of light I see each night on his ceiling that tells me otherwise :) 
Above: Black Mini Mask Jumpsuit. Below: Gold Dots Oversized Top.
Below: Bandit Hearts Single Bedding Set.
Check out our Yellow Lolly Beau Loves edit here, and keep your eyes peeled for drop 2, which should be landing very soon...
Ellie x 

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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