The Lolly List - Friday 17th July 2015

A quick list of the things that have got us intrigued, excited and interested this week, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and around the web. Most of it child or parenting related. Some of it...just because.

1. Booster Seat Safety...

We all know that babies and toddlers need secure car seats, preferably professionally fitted or checked, to keep them safe when travelling in the car. But what about as your child gets bigger, between the ages of 4 and 12? Maybe you have a larger high-backed booster style seat with side and head impact protection? Perfect. But what do you you do when visiting the grandparents or going on holiday? We, like many families will often use a booster seat, but having watched Britax's crash-test videos, I'm not so sure. Britax are keen to highlight the dangers of ill-fitted booster seats and to show how little protection they offer in a crash. Read all about their 'Bin The Booster' campaign on Chelsea Mama's blog.

2. Holidays post children...

There's no getting around it. Holidays are never the same once you have kids. OK, so maybe you are somewhere more beautiful, sunny, culturally vibrant, or exotic. Or in a caravan. But lets be honest, it's not really like you are going to get an opportunity to have a rest is it? Take a look at blogger Hurrah for Gin's little list of Holiday preparations before and after kids to be reminded why sometimes it feels easier to stay at home.

3. Alternatives to Elsa...

If your kids are finally getting over their Frozen fever, or if maybe you want to hide in the loo every time they put it on to watch so you don't have to hear THAT SONG one more time, then maybe you are ready to explore some alternative movies which are just as magical. Possibly even more so (I know, that is heresy to a Frozen fan. Bite me.). I loved this list of Studio Ghibli's alternative heroines from The Pool: 'Move Over Elsa'. There should be enough here to get you through the first week of the school holidays, at least.

4. Fly a kite...

So, it's the school holidays, it isn't raining, the sun might even be shining...what are you going to do? Head to the nearest open space and fly a kite, of course! Not got a kite? Luckily Handmade Charlotte is here to help: How to make the world's best handmade kite.

5. Clothes for Girls, or Boys, or Both...

Here at Yellow Lolly (you may have noticed) we have never sold clothes by 'Boy' or 'Girl' because we believe that it is up to you and your child to decide what you like, irrespective of gender. Fortunately we aren't alone in this way of thinking. According to Blomberg there are a whole host of start-ups challenging the blue/dinosaur/boy and pink/kitten/girl categories. You can also read a little more about why this matters over on My Daughter's not wearing pink.

6. Always #Unstoppable...

One of my favourite advertising campaigns of last year, Always' #LikeAGirl was such a great conversation starter when it came to discussing what it means to be a girl growing up, and the importance of positive empowering messages. Building on that campaign, they have launched #Unstoppable. The Pool discusses the Launch of #Unstoppable, and it's importance, over on their (awesome) blog. Warning: you may do a little bit of crying when you watch it. I blame the soundtrack. Sorry.

7. Popups, posters and new stuff...

In other news...Firstly, there was no Lolly List last Friday as we were knee-deep in an end-of-season pop-up shop. Kindly hosted by the ever-lovely Debbie Bliss in her gorgeous shop, we had a real blast meeting up with old friends, new customers and hanging out with the whole Bliss posse. Secondly, have you seen our MicroLoan poster yet? It is somewhere on London Underground, and there is a £25 voucher for the first person to spot it! Thirdly, our new Australian brand Huxbaby has arrived and is already proving popular. And finally, we've released the lifestyle images from Bobo Choses on the blog. Dreamy.

Ellie and Claire form Yellow Lolly, outside their Pop-up shop, at Debbie Bliss Home.

Before you ask, no we don't have a uniform, we just did accidental twinning the day we set up the shop. Oops!

Happy weekend, lovelies.

Ellie x 

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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