The Lolly List - Friday 3rd July

A quick list of the things that have got us intrigued, excited, interested this week, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and around the web. Most of it child or parenting related. Some of it...just because.

1. Family gap years...

Have you ever contemplated taking a year out to travel with your kids or thought about moving the whole clan to a foreign city, just for the adventure? There must be something in the air: this week I read about 2 different women doing just that. Firstly Emma Freud outlined her plan to move with two of her kids and her husband, Richard Curtis, to New York, in a bid to change his workaholic tendencies...well it's worth a try, eh? You can read all about Emma's family gap year plans in the Telegraph, where she's going to have a regular column. The other mama on the move is blogger Courtney Adamo, from Babycchino Kids. You can read all about her plans to embark on a family year-long round-the-world adventure  with her husband and four children, over on the Babyccino Blog. Courtney is planning to home-school the kids as they travel, which will be an adventure in itself. Good luck, mamas!

2. Mud Kitchens...

If this mini heatwave we are having in the UK is prompting you to spend more time out in the garden with the kids then why not use the opportunity to build a Mud Kitchen? What's that? Why, it's an outdoor kitchen where the kids can play at cooking with mud and soil. Good eh? Lovely Heather Young has, you can read all about her Mud Kitchen and why Mud and Kids is a winning combo over on her Growing Spaces Blog. Incidentally, June 29th was International Mud Day! Who knew there was such a thing?

3. Summer reading for kids...

As the long summer break approaches I am contemplating strategies for reducing my kids' screen time. Trips to the library will probably feature heavily. This blog post gives tips on how to breed happy readers. Also, it's worth checking if your local library has a Summer Reading Challenge. My kids love trying to reach the target number of books set by the library before the deadline and often discover new authors along the way.

4. Surviving heat-waves with babies...

Need some tips for surviving the mini heatwave with babies and toddlers? Use this quick tongue-in-cheek list to help out. Then go to the pub.

5. Gin ice lollies...

Or if you can't get to the pub, get creative in the freezer department...because why should the kids have all the fun stuff? Here are 6 Alcoholic Ice Lolly Recipes. NOT TO BE SHARED WITH THE KIDS! 

6. Garden fun...

Back to the garden for more messy fun. We made these Bubble Snakes at my daughter's science themed birthday party last year. It was great fun and is highly recommended. All you need is a small plastic water bottle, some sticky tape, an old sock and some washing up liquid. Got that? (Full Bubble Snake instructions here: Bubble Snakes.)

7. Sports day...

It's just a quick Lolly list today as it was my kids' sports day. Talking of which, does your children's school or nursery embrace the competitive nature of the day, or have they shifted into non-competitive or team sports instead? Emma Harris (aka Me, The Man & The Kids) was a bit disappointed by her son's school sports day this year. Our school is still very much on the competitive side, but they try to be as inclusive as possible, with all the kids involved in at least one event. See that fluffy haired creature leading the sack race on the left of the picture? That's my girl! Whoop Whoop! (Sorry, but proud mum, so I had to share!).

School Sports Day Sack Race Winner

Happy weekend y'all.

Ellie x 

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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