Noé & Zoë - AW15 - Cat in a Sweater

Over here in the Lolly Loft we're getting pretty excited about the Autumn/Winter collections that are starting to arrive. I know, in the rest of the UK Summer has hardly got into full swing yet, but each day in our topsy-turvy kids fashion world brings us an email with news of the imminent arrival of a new collection for the Autumn season. We've already had the first drop of Molo, and there will be more arriving very soon, but the next collection to launch will be Noé & Zoë on the 30th June. 

Named 'Cat in a Sweater', the collection features neon stars, stripes and drops printed on unbleached organic cotton, black irregular dots on baby-grows and illustrated bears, foxes and cats. With raw edges, quilted jersey and touches of faux-fur, lurex and netting, the little details are what makes Noé & Zoë's collections so special. 

Noé & Zoë's kids fashion is both playful and delicate, and the new collection will launch here on the 30th of June. And if you aren't ready for Autumn quite yet, you can always stock up on their Summer collection in our sale...

Ellie x 

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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