New - Modern Burlap Swaddles

We are delighted to introduce new brand Modern Burlap Swaddles to Yellow Lolly!

Generous in size and available in a four stylish prints, these versatile Modern Burlap Muslins are sure to become indispensable to new mums.

Organic Cotton Baby Swaddles in four monochrome prints by Modern Burlap from Yellow Lolly

Organic Cotton Baby Swaddles

Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, the lightweight muslin has an open weave structure which helps grip when using it to swaddle your baby. The material's breathability helps to regulate your baby's temperature, preventing your baby from overheating and reducing the risk of SIDS. The organic cotton has been pre-washed and will become even softer with more washing.

Monochrome Nurseries

The trend for monochrome kid's nurseries shows no sign of slowing down, and these muslins will look great in a black and white room, but these swaddles aren't just meant to look stylish. The graphic monochrome prints are designed to stimulate baby's brain development and to enhance baby's vision. 

Versatile and practical muslins

Modern Burlap Swaddles are brilliant for a whole variety of uses. They are great as a pram shade (just grab a couple of strong clothes pegs) or as a nursing cover (if you aren't too keen on flashing a boob in public and want a little more privacy then just drape this over your shoulder to make a shady tent for baby). Of course they are also brilliant for mopping up leaks and protecting your clothes. My son was a rather 'cheesy' baby and if it hadn't been for muslins like this I'd have had to change both of our clothes a lot more! You can also use these funky graphic muslins as play-mats, lightweight blankets and much more. 

Baby Shower Gift

If you are looking for a gift for a baby shower or new baby, the one of these swaddles would be both stylish and thoughtful. A practical gift, rather than fancy clothes that will only fit for a few weeks or yet another pair of oh-so-cute booties, is likely to be welcomed and used for many years to come.

Modern Burlap Organic Cotton Stripe Baby Swaddle from Yellow Lolly

We have Modern Burlap Baby Swaddles in Triangles, Dots, Swiss Cross and Stripes, or you can see the whole collection here.

Ellie x 

PS, When your kids get bigger the swaddles will be great for den building and making awesome superhero capes, too. Which is handy.

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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