A school fete and a birthday dinner - #1Day12Pics - June

On Saturday I joined up again with the lovely Emma Davies' #1Day12Pics project, taking a picture approximately every hour throughout the day and sharing the results through Instagram and Twitter. I love how it makes me stop and think about what I chose to photograph, and how I start to plan my day with the photos in mind. It's also a great way to record a single day in all it's variety. This particular Saturday was dominated by the school fete...

1Day12Pics 12 pictures from 6th June - foxgloves, fairy cakes, bunting and coconuts - Yellow Lolly Blog

8am: A quick cup of tea in the garden while I watched the bees visiting the foxgloves. I love the spotty interiors to the flowers, and the way the bees reverse out, covered in pollen.

9am: Pink icing for the cupcakes. I dread to think how many of these I have made for school events over the years. The Peonies were a birthday gift from my darling friend and neighbour. 

10am: Heading to help set up the fete. The realities of an urban primary school means high fences not green fields, but the atmosphere is always fun. The wind was stiff enough to have the bunting pointing upwards, though. I love how the clouds look like they are fenced-off in this shot.

11am: My duties commence on the coconut shy. This little fella looked happy to see me!

1Day12Pics 12 pictures from 6th June - Abandoned shoes, jamjar tombola, yellow saltwater sandals and lots of cash - Yellow Lolly Blog

12pm: Abandoned shoes by the bouncy castle. 

1pm: Jam-jar tombola. Aka, shrapnel. (The lovely plastic junk that we collect from party bags, crackers and magazine-fronts throughout the year and optimistically hope to never see again).

2pm: Hiding in the shade and enjoying the grey/yellow colour combo. Two types of fence shadows, shrubs, playground markings and my beloved Saltwater sandals. 

3pm: After the crowds have gone, the counting begins. It was a good fete.

1Day12Pics 12 pictures from 6th June - Gold leaf mug, feather necklace, Liberty and bruschetta - Yellow Lolly Blog

 4pm: Vital post-school-fete recovery: tea and sugar in the golden afternoon sun.

5pm: Getting ready for a post-birthday dinner in town. Feeling fancy in my Stella and Dot necklace.

6pm: A quick detour via Liberty. I loved these fabric streamers in the scarf hall celebrating the 140th anniversary of the store.

7pm: Dinner at one of my favourite restaurants. All the yum.

So that was it, my day in 12 pictures. From pinks and purples through to golden hues. I can't believe I managed to photograph a school fete without a single picture of a child. Oops.

Ellie x 

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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