Half-Term Outfits, Whatever the Weather....

Ah, the English Summer: One minute baking hot, the next minute a wind whips up or the sun sets and it feels positively chilly again. Here's a selection of outfits to get your babies and kids through the day, whatever the temperature. 

Above: Start with a Noe & Zoe Flamingo Diamonds Baby Wrap and add a Noe & Zoe Flamingo Diamonds Boat Hat if the sun is out. Layer on the Molo Selena Fiery Coral Baby Pants and Mini Rodini Grey Crocodile Sweatshirt if it gets a bit cooler.

Above: You know those days when you are desperate to get to the pool as soon as possible, so you start the day in your suit? Start with the Popupshop Dolphin Swimsuit, throw the Kik Kid Stretch Denim Overalls Dress on over the top until you get to the water. After your swim, layer up with the Molo Gina Acid Yellow Cardigan and the Molo Neon Yellow Stripe Leggings, if you've got a bit chilly in the pool. 

Above: Most days a Beau Loves Grey Marl Love Bugs Vest and the Molo Ace Indigo Sweat Shorts will do the job, but throw a Hello Apparel Red Hello Sweatshirt into the bag, just in case...

Above: I have to admit I'm pretty obsessed with this peachy short/vest combo right now, it's got just the right amount of 80's Miami style without looking too dated. The Nadadelazos Palm Tree Tank Top will look great with the Molo Abba Oxford Candy Striped Shorts, Just grab the Milk and Biscuits Grey Linen Bomber Jacket for later, and the Molo Cuddling Dalmatians Backpack for your towel and ice-cream money.

Which outfit would your kids look good in? I'd love to know!

Ellie x 

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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