The Lolly List - Friday 15th May 2015

A quick list of the things that have got us intrigued, excited, interested this week, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and around the web. Most of it child or parenting related. Some of it...just because.

1. Baby poo...

When a headline tells you everything you need to know: My wife and I hold an impromptu poo party for our baby. In his article Stuart Heritage, aka Man with a pram, writes in full and frank detail about his baby son's bowel movements, and about how he never thought he'd be the sort of person who would do such a thing. It's classic shameless over-sharing, and rather funny to boot. 

2. Minecraft obsession 

If you have a child over 5 you probably already know how addictive Minecraft can be, but have your kids moved on to watching videos of other people playing the game on YouTube too? This article from the BBC looks at why those two activities are so very compelling. Minecraft Videos - Why are they so addictive?

3. Watermelons

We spotted our fantastic Molo Alina Watermelon Shorts over on Le Petit Society Blog. We're big fans of the Watermelon trend that is such big news this season. Have you seen our Watermelon Slice inspiration page? Also check out our Pinterest board, for some fruity inspiration for parties, clothes, crafts and accessories.

 4. Travelling with kids?

If you are planning a summer holiday that includes flying with your little ones, you may find some of these ideas handy: Ten Tips for Flying With Your Toddler. I would add to this, that if you are travelling with your partner then arrange beforehand to take it in shifts, so you each get a break and to give your child some variety too. Taking it in turns may save you all from getting a little stir crazy on a long flight.

5. New arrivals in store...

We all got rather excited by these Popupshop Grey Panda Pyjamas and Penguin Nightdresses. Made from super soft organic cotton jersey, dyed and printed with eco-friendly dyes, they are fantastic quality, as well as being really rather cute. Our little Lollies are big fans as you can see over on Instagram, and we rather wish we had them in our size too...

6. Cardboard boxes

Yup, its a total cliché, but kids really do love to play with empty cardboard boxes! Check out these amazing Box Vehicles by Emilia Keriene on her blog, she's taken it to a whole new level!

And just to prove my point about kids and boxes, here are my two big kids, squeezed into a big cardboard box. Apparently we aren't allowed to throw this one away...

Happy weekend!

Ellie x

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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May 18, 2015

OMG, so glad it’s not just our house that’s obsessed with not only playing minecraft but watching others play too!!! What i that all about? If I hear “DON’T DESTROY MY HOUSE!!!” once more I’ll scream!

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