The Lolly List - Friday 8th May 2015

A quick list of the things that have got us intrigued, excited, interested this week, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and around the web. Most of it child or parenting related. Some of it...just because.

1. A Gender Neutral Pre-School

This article about a nursery got us talking. In a society that is already far more focused on gender equality than most, it is interesting to see that this pre-school in Sweden is still considered by some to be too extreme. Do you think this is a step too far? Or just one of many necessary steps on the road to genuine equality...?

2. Vestibular Input. What's that?

This blog post on Lemon Lime Adventures is all about Vestibular Development, which is what makes our kids want to spin, twirl, swing and move their way through the world. Brilliantly explained, especially in the context of children with sensory processing disorder. Really worth reading.

3. A good excuse to order pizza...

We like the look of this project from Handmade Charlotte. Using a pizza box and some kitchen roll tubes looks like a great rainy-day crafting activity. If you like the look of this check out our Pinterest board Cardboard Boxes and Toilet Rolls, its full of crafty activities using...cardboard boxes and toilet roll tubes. Obviously.

4. A Tasty Pasta Dish

I pinned this 20 minute pasta recipe a while ago, and it has become a bit of a week-night favourite in our household. Wholemeal penne, lemon, pesto, feta, tomatoes and broccoli. Highly recommended!

5. New arrivals in store

We have just received our SS15 stock from Hello Apparel and Shampoodle. Check them out, there's some lovely breezy trousers and dresses from Shampoodle, and fun vests and t-shirts from Hello Apparel. 

6. Understanding the election...

Our kids have been learning all about the general election, with the help of this article in the brilliant Jump Magazine. 

7. The littlest Lolly

Our littlest Lolly, Esme, collected the fallen blooms from Claire's Camellia bush and this is what she did with them. Well we wouldn't want them to go to waste! 

And some spring flowers for the weekend. Just because.

Ellie x 

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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