A Day in Suffolk at my Mum's - #1Day12Pics

On Saturday I joined up with Emma Davies' #1Day12Pics project, taking a picture approximately every hour, throughout the day, and sharing the results through Instagram and Twitter. It's a lovely way to make yourself really stop and think about what you chose to photograph, and how you do it. It's also a great way to record a single day in all it's variety. We were staying at my Mum's for the Easter weekend and her house (my childhood home) is rich in pattern, colour, and texture, not to mention a landscape very different from our usual East London setting. I loved seeing a dominant colour palette emerge in my pictures, then shift and change as the day progressed.

#1Day12Pics Pancakes, Washing-up,Sardines and Tulips on the Yellow Lolly Blog

  • On every visit to my Mum's, I learn a little bit more about how I should be parenting my kids. My step-dad lets them cook their own pancakes from start to finish with minimal supervision. The kids are perfectly capable, but I assume they need help. (Apparently pancakes taste better when you've cooked them yourself).
  • In  Mum's house, even the washing-up can be pretty, but I do miss our dishwasher...
  • Jaunty looking sardines in the local delicatessen, I was tempted to fill the cupboards with these, just for their cheerful colours.
  • Gorgeous tulips on the window-ledge. Just because.

    #1Day12Pics A country view and a camouflaged calf on the Yellow Lolly Blog

    • A grey overcast morning, and a field full of cows with calves makes me decide against a walk
    • This little calf, camouflaged behind the fence, was hoping that if he just stayed very still I wouldn't notice him.
    ~1Day12Pics Woodpile, Rugs and sunlight patterns on the Yellow Lolly Blog
    • After a very satisfying session with a wheelbarrow, my mum, son and I managed to create one well stocked wood pile, one rather tidy wood shed, and three piles of logs moved, sorted and drying out ready for next winter. A long overdue job.
    • With the afternoon came sunshine. I love the combination of patterns, colours and textures on mum's sitting room floor. Pinks, blues and terracotta all look better in the sun.
    • In the front porch, my eye was caught by the light, filtered through a hedge, making dancing spots of sun on the bricks and a rusty baking tray. (I have no idea what the tray was doing there.)
    #1Day12Pics Southwold Beach, harbour and sunset on the Yellow Lolly Blog
    • Early evening bought a trip into Southwold, the beach was looking inviting in the low level light.
    • Absolute calm at sunset in the harbour, leaving perfect reflections on the water. I'm always drawn to strings of light-bulbs, even when unlit.
    • Sunset, as snapped from the moving car. I miss the Suffolk sunsets when I'm back in London, they are simply never as beautiful.

    I love having this record of our day, and having the discipline of making myself look and photograph throughout the day. Why not join in next month? Emma will even send you a reminder on twitter if you ask nicely (details here).

    Ellie x

    PS. All the pictures were taken with my Iphone 5S.

    Ellie Horry
    Ellie Horry


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