Inspiration - Kids Fashion Trends S/S'15 - Stripes and Waves

Wolf & Rita Stripes at Yellow Lolly

L to R: Wolf &Rita Samuel Striped Shirt, Wolf & Rita Julietta Feather Vest Top, Wolf & Rita Joana Stripe Skirt.

It's hard to beat the jaunty panache of a crisp stripe on a summer day. This season sees a whole mass of stripes, zigzags and waves marching their way across dungarees, tops, trousers and skirts. We love them so much we've filled a whole page with them.

Stripes are a trend that translate perfectly from adults to kid's fashion. In fact, kids can get away with head-to-toe mix-and-match stripes in a way that would leave most adults looking the wrong side of clown. Either by mixing with plain colours or by pairing with contrasting stripes, this is a look that is all about playful fun.

Baby Stripes from Noe & Zoe and Nadadelazos at Yellow Lolly

Clockwise from top left: Noe & Zoe Bow Tie Green Stripes T-Shirt, Noe & Zoe Apple Stripes Baby Romper, Nadadelazos Hawaiian Sea Baggy Pants.

Stripes for Children from Indikidual, Popupshop,Molo and Wolf & Rita at Yellow Lolly

Clockwise from top left: Indikidual Sky Zig Zag Sweatshirt, Popupshop Maritime Long Sleeved T,Wolf & Rita Joana Stripe Skirt, Molo Oxford Candy Striped Shorts.

As the easiest way to bring colour and pattern onto cloth as part of the weaving or knitting process, stripes have always had a place in our wardrobes but there's still room for a fresh twist on the trend. Variations in the size of the stripes, the colours or the textures bring novelty, while keeping a classic familiar feel. 

This brilliant article about the origins of the 'classic' striped Breton Top, as worn by sailors, spotted by Coco Channel, and a staple of many women's wardrobes ever since, got me thinking about my own Breton collection. I had a quick look through my drawers, thinking I had two or three. Oh no I don't. I have eight. EIGHT!!! I blame Coco...

Striped Breton Tops, on the Yellow Lolly Blog

So now it's time to walk the line, earn your stripes and embrace this fresh twist on the ever-popular nautical stripe trend. Top up your collection from our selection of stripes here.

x Ellie

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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