My Kids Dressed Me...and it was fun!

How would I describe my style in 8 words.....I'm pretty sure even if I had 28 words, none of them would have been Feminine, Minnie-Mouse, Heels, Glitter, Stars, Floral or Bows. And yet, here I am dressed in all of the above. Why? (Oh why, oh why?) Good question. I blame the kids.

My Kids Dressed Me....Like I was going to a Minnie Mouse themed wedding!

But let's rewind a little, what on earth was I thinking when I got dressed this morning?

It all started 2 weeks ago, when the gorgeous Babble blogger Summer Bellessa decided to let her toddler choose her clothes for her, every day, for a whole week. Take a look, it was awesome. I mean, AWESOME. Some days her shoes didn't even match, and she's a style blogger, she really cares about what she wears, yet she gave total control to her child. Like I said, awesome.

Next, along comes the lovely Pippa from Story Of Mum. That looks like fun, she thought, maybe I'll give it a go, but with a twist....She's one of the Comic Relief Team Honk bloggers who support Comic Relief by encouraging each other (and the rest of us) to do stupid stuff for charity. So add a couple of hash-tags, and a text donation number, and we have a #mykidsdressedme #honkfromhome fundraising opportunity. Hahaha I thought, that looks great (it does, take a look). What a great way to raise money, I thought. Not doing it though. 

Then, last night, my friend Laura tagged me on Instagram. Salt-Water Sandals had decided to run a competition to win 2 pairs of their fab sandals. All you had to do was....let your kids dress you. Oh. They'd all done it in the office. It looked like fun. (it does, see!). Now, dear reader, I am not proud, it was the thought of new, free sandals that made me crack. But, I thought, why not combine it with the Red Nose Day fundraising, and let's see what the kids come up with? That could be fun.....ripple dissolve....

My kids' faces, when I explained the idea, were amazing. Total unadulterated glee. Really? They could choose anything? ANYTHING?? Reeealy? I wasn't allowed upstairs until they had chosen, the sounds of joyful rampage were slightly terrifying, but their pride in their chosen outfit was palpable. Also, the mess was considerable....(Yup, that's my mum's vintage Ossie Clark dress in a heap on the floor. Gulp.).

My kids dressed got quite messy!

Now, my kids are 8 and 11, old enough to understand about dignity, and about humiliation, and they wanted me to look nice, apparently. It turns out that their version of 'nice' revolves around the things that have been lurking in the back of my wardrobe and drawers unworn for many years. The pretty things, the playful things, the Floral, Star-Spangled, Glittery, Bow-Bedecked Feminine stuff that probably should have been passed on years ago. The things that made me feel, this morning, like I was on my way to a Minnie Mouse themed wedding rather than dropping the kids at school then making my way to work. Guess what? It was actually kinda fun.

I got some hard stares and double takes from strangers, that's to be expected, and my daughter was rather proud to show her friends what she'd put together, which was great. What I really loved, though, was that none of my friends seemed remotely surprised by what I was wearing. I kept on pointing out "Look, I'm doing this for Comic Relief, the kids chose my clothes, isn't it funny?" but everyone was ridiculously kind. They are obviously used to my 'interesting' fashion choices. Nobody laughed except me. I laughed a lot...

...I also had to take spare shoes as those glittery little numbers are not great when you have to walk/run more than 4 miles to and from school/work/ballet class during the day. 

Please, please, please, will you at least text the word FUNNY to 70011, to donate £1 to Comic Relief, so that I didn't feel like a total twerp all day in vain? Or you can go to Pippa's Just Giving page to pledge more. Even better, join in, have a go, rope in your mates, let your kids chose your outfit for the day. What's the worst that could happen.......

X Ellie

 Update: My mate Laura won the competition. I'm not bitter. At all. Nope.

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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