Beau Loves - 2015 Spring Summer - All Creatures Great and Small

One of our most popular brands here at Yellow Lolly has to be the British children's fashion label Beau Loves. Due to launch on Saturday 28th Feb, we thought you'd like a little sneak-peek of the new collection.

Beau Loves SS15 collection is, as ever, inspired by designer Faye Wilde's son Beau, and his current passions....the things that Beau Loves!

"Our Aim is always the same To be Unique and Stand out from the crowd and to grow and add to each collection as Beau Grows.

My Son Beau is a constant source of inspiration & mischief, which I adore.
He never fails to make me laugh out loud at his unique way of seeing the world.
I usually find Beau at the bottom of the garden digging for something in a Cape. I've lost count of the number of bugs I've found in his Creature Peeper (a kids sort of telescope) and they all find their way to his room, dead or alive!! There's still an endless supply of feathers about the place and the endless attraction of all things superhero-ish will never leave him I doubt. But that's Beau, Beautiful, Brave and above all Brilliant!!"

New prints include little ants, giant love bugs, superhero masks, their classic XOs and big spots. With the return of favourite shapes such as the Davenport Pants, Low Slung Shorts, Oversized Tops, Harper Sunsuits, Spiked Hoody and Rompers, this is a (new) classic collection from Beau Loves.

The photos, by Flannery O'Kafka, should give you a good idea of the treats to come...

Beau Loves Gold Love Mask Sweatshirt

Beau Loves Dusty Pink Lovebugs Oversized Top


Beau Loves Inky Black Mask Romper Suit


Beau Loves Spiked XO Hoody


Beau Loves Inky Black Love Mask Fin T Shirt


Beau Loves Grey Lovebugs Oversized Dress

Beau Loves Grey XO Davenport Pants and Beau Loves Inky Black X Hero Sweatshirt

Beau Loves Hero Cap with Ears and Inky Black X Hero Sweatshirt

How ace is that cap? We love this collection, it feels like fun kid's fashion at it's best: all the pieces are super easy to wear, very cool, and not too flash (apart from the Gold Love Mask Sweatshirt, which is utterly flash, in a very understated grey-marl sort of way, and my stand-out favourite from the collection). 

Our Lolly Edit from Beau Loves usually sells fast, and we're unable to take any pre-orders, so if you like the look of what you see please head here on Saturday, and grab yourself a little of what Beau Loves.

X Ellie

Ellie Horry
Ellie Horry


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